Quick Looks

Here are some interesting things I’ve come across recently, but which I haven’t had time to delve into in great depth yet.

Book Talk: 21st Century Learning What Are We Waiting For? Book review in Digital Learning Environment News. It has an interesting framework in it which is to do with students’ acquisition and application of knowledge.

The 4 levels of marketing competence.  Blog post by Bob Bly. Although it’s about marketing, you could take his four levels and apply them to any situation, including educational technology leadership or teaching, or even to students learning how to use educational technology.

UNESCO portal of ICT resources. A vast repository of links to articles about ICT in education. Looks extremely useful.

10 ways to assess learning without tests. An interesting blog post that demands revisiting and writing about in more depth. I was impressed by the blog in general, actually. There are lots of 10 Ways posts to read. A nice idea.

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