Computers in Classrooms Almost Ready

I’m just putting the finishing touches to the latest issue of Computers in Classrooms. As well as eligibility for a stupendous prize draw which takes place tonight, subscribers will enjoy news, views and the following articles related to games-based learning:

  • It’s not about the game! Dawn Hallybone discusses activities surrounding games to maximise the benefits of games-based learning.
  • Red Mist, the prison-based video game. Jude Ower tells us about a game which is won or lost by the state of your emotions!
  • Creating a game – positive impact on learning? David Luke reports on research he and colleagues undertook to determine, amongst other things, whether games-based learning disadvantages girls.
  • Games-based learning: a personal view. Mum and computing graduate Amanda Wilson gives her opinion of games-based learning.
  • Battling the barriers of games-based learning. John McLear explains how he set about developing a search engine for educational games.

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