My Nominations for the 2009 Edublog Awards

Here are my nominations for the 2009 Edublog Awards.

Best individual blog

This is an easy choice; Shelly Terrell’s Teacher Reboot Camp. With interesting articles, the ‘month in review’ series, challenges and guest bloggers, the site is always interesting and thought-provoking.

Best individual tweeter

Well, I’d like to nominate Shelly for this as well, on the grounds that she retweets incessantly. This sharing is what the Web is all about these days, and Shelly exemplifies the principle brilliantly.

I’d also like to nominate Neil Adam. Neil is absolutely brilliant to have at a conference, because he live blogs keynote talks in the form of tweets. I often use his twitter stream to double-check my own notes!

Best educational use of video

My nomination in this category is for Leon Cych, who publishes the Learn for Life blog. Whenever there is a conference going on in Britain, there’s a fair chance that Leon will be there live streaming or recording it. The results are of a very high, professional standard, and his recordings of events such as Mirandamod discussions are forming an important archive that will be useful for years to come.

Best group blog

I quite like the Technology and Learning Blog. I suppose I have to declare an interest, which is that I write for it every other Tuesday, but in fact I’d nominate it even if I didn’t. There’s a good bunch of writers there, and the result is quite a rich reading experience.

Best educational use of a social networking service

My nomination here is for the Digiteen Ning, set up by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis. The posts, mostly by teenagers, are usually incredibly thoughtful. Anyone who bemoans ‘the youth of today’ needs to visit this site.