What I've been reading: The Art of People

The Art of People, by Dave Kerpen

The Art of People, by Dave Kerpen

This isn't an ed tech book, but as people are always going on about so-called 21st century skills (co-operation, self-management etc) I thought it might be interesting and useful to read a book that has the subtitle: The 11 simple people skills that will get you everything you want.

It does have some very useful tips in it, such as why you should always accept the offer of a drink in a business meeting or when you're about to give a presentation. But a couple of things would need to be given a lot of thought.

For example, apparently the most important question you can ask someone you meet is "How can I help you?". I don't think that would play very well in the UK: most people I think would respond by saying "Why? Do I look as if I need help?"

Another tip is to wear something distinctive in order to get noticed at conferences. In the author's case it is red trainers. When I was in my 20s I often wore a bow tie and was known for doing so, but I should think that these days it would come across as somewhat pretentious.

So, a bit of a mixed bag really. I enjoyed reading the book, which is great for dipping into, and which contains useful ideas. However, I wouldn't do everything the author suggests.

The book is available here: http://amzn.to/2tK9bYl (Amazon affiliate link).

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