Today's ed tech to-do list

I don't usually share my diary online, but sometimes people ask me what I do, so here ya go. If you wish to know more details then you can read my CV/Resumé if you like.

Main item on my to-do list: don't die from the heat. My most-looking forward to item? Writing the latest issue of my newsletter.

Photo by  Bohed  CC0 licence

Photo by Bohed CC0 licence

  • Write article for client
  • Read BESA research report again
  • Arrange to meet a potential client
  • Go swimming -- it helps me think better, and 'cos I'm worth it
  • Write a magazine article
  • Write Digital Education newsletter, reporting on two recent events, the connection between pneumonia and reliability and how to run a prize draw
  • Enjoy the sun without collapsing from heat stroke
  • Read Queen’s Speech

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