Ed Tech Innovation–#2: Create a poster

EniacHere’s the second part of this mini-series of ideas to try out in the new school year. I’ll bet your room is festooned with posters of one kind or another. (I know my own classroom had posters with instructions, ephemeral posters relating to the current topic, posters depicting the history of email, and so on.)

So, you won’t mind creating one more then, will you?!

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ICT Posters: Credit Rating

CREDIT-PARENTSWhy do posters and notices in computer labs have to be so serious? Surely it just deters people from using the stuff?

I recall one school in which 10 seconds in the computer lab had you nervously looking around for the heavy mob: the walls were covered in posters telling you what was forbidden – forbidden! The general ambience was not improved by the bars on all the windows. Understandable, but even so….

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