Poster Session at the Virtual Language and Technology 2010 Conference

I was delighted to receive an invitation from the great Shelly Terrell to submit something for this virtual conference's exhibition. I submitted my book, Go On, Bore 'Em: How To Make Your ICT Lessons Excruciatingly Dull.

Shelly then emailed me to say:

This is the first poster exhibit we have set-up for the conference. Many of you may not be in Second Life so we have a video we took of the presentation so you can see what your poster looks like and how participants can interact with it. We also e-mailed this video to all our 600 participants and put it on Twitter to spread this to a wider audience. Here is the link to the Youtube Video

If you are on Second Life, then you can visit your poster at this SLURL:

The poster presentations will be up till Saturday 6am GMT. 

We really hope you will consider submitting a poster to our October 2010 Virtual Round Table Conference!

What impressed me about the video is how Shelly has taken the time to introduce all of the exhibits, and to say something about each of them. The only fly in the ointment is that the volume seems to be very low for most of video.

Anyway, here it is. Do take the time to explore the Round Table link as well.