Review of Amazon Prime

I've subscribed to Amazon Prime for a couple of years now, and although I don't use it to its full extent, I still find it value for money.

Unless you subscribe as a student, it costs £79 per year in the UK. The main reason I decided to try it out in the first place was that we tend to buy a lot of stuff, mainly books and bird seed, and Amazon Prime gives you free next day postage on most items. I don't really do deferred gratification, so that sounded ideal.

In terms of postage, it has paid for itself as far as we're concerned. True, we could have saved postage anyway by opting for a slower delivery, but there is something quite amazing about being able to order something today, and have it arrive by tomorrow -- and not even have to pay for the privilege!

Obviously, if you don't buy much stuff, or you don't mind waiting for it when you do, then the fast and free delivery option won't really pay for itself.

There are other benefits of Amazon Prime too, such as the free videos and being able to borrow ebooks. I haven't watched many videos, but I do like the borrowing facility. I've tended to use it to borrow books that I probably wouldn't buy, such as thrillers. You can borrow one book a month.

The reason I've decided to review Amazon Prime today is that there are some good one day discounts for Prime members. So I'm probably going to be buying a few things I never knew I needed before! And at least one thing I have had my eye on for a while.

I haven't discovered any downsides to Amazon Prime, though I suppose a potential one is that you could find yourself buying more stuff just to break even on the subscription price. That has never applied to me, because the bird seed alone costs over £20 a time.

Another disadvantage is that not everything for sale is eligible for free postage (including some bird seed actually).

But if you buy a lot of books and/or watch a lot of videos then you can't really go wrong.

If you wish to subscribe to Amazon Prime, click on the link below. If you are already a member, and wish to take advantage of "Prime Day", then click the link below that. I should point out that these are Amazon affiliate links, which puts a bit of cash in my pocket without adding anything to the price you pay.