Podcasts and videos for Computing teachers: introduction

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Podcast listen, by Terry Freedman.png

Let’s be honest: not all of us find it relaxing to curl up with a book about computer science! And even if some of us are, well, a bit geeky, what about those teachers for whom computing is something of a challenge?

I have trawled through the web to find the most “listenable-to” podcasts, and the most watchable videos, on the subject. Where relevant, I have indicated whether they are British or American, so that you can choose the ones closest to home if you are pushed for time.

When you are going through these lists, try to bear in mind three possible audiences. First, there is yourself. Even if you are fully qualified in computer science, you are sure to find one or two of these podcasts or video channels good for deepening or widening your knowledge.

Second, the teachers in your team who would not regard themselves as computing experts. Some of the podcasts and videos featured here provide engaging and interesting guides to particular areas, many of which will be relevant to the curriculum.

Finally, your students. Some of the videos and podcasts included here will be useful for introducing a topic, or perhaps as a summary at the end of a unit. Others will be more appropriate for students to listen to or watch on their own. 

Bear in mind that not all students are able to watch videos or listen to podcasts in a quiet place at home, so you may wish to make some provision at school.

The next article features 10 podcasts.

This article is an extract from one published in SecEd in 2018.

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