ICT & Computing Qualifications List Update

If you teach ICT or Computer Science at GCSE, then I have some good news. I’ve updated my list of approved qualifications in this area -- yet again. It’s very comprehensive, and includes some viable-looking alternatives to ICT itself. (For some reason, ICT is still on the list, but it’s probably safer to ignore it, as the Department for Education seems pretty intent on scrapping it.)

The new list also contains details of Awards and Diplomas in computing-related subjects. The required number of learning hours for these makes them unlikely candidates for a school's options list. However, I've included them both for the sake of completeness and also because your school may be in a particular situation (such as working very closely with a college next door).

To obtain this seminal document, all you need to do is let me know what subjects you intend to offer at GCSE come September. You can do so via a very short survey, after which you will be sent the list automatically.

Here’s the link: bit.ly/ICTCompList

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