Digital Education: Prize Draw Extended

Super-Terry, by Terry Freedman

Super-Terry, by Terry Freedman

Because I'm such a super person (see illustration), I've extended the deadline for the current prize draw in my newsletter, Digital Education.

Well, that's not the only reason. It's also (OK, mainly) because I haven't finished writing the current issue of the newsletter yet. Why not? Because I've had a ton of work to complete first.

I'm hoping to resume work in the newsletter later this week. The prize on offer is a copy of Rose Luckin's Machine Learning and Human Intelligence. It's a really good read, very thought-provoking, and makes a lot of sense.

To avail yourself of the opportunity to win this stupendous prize, sign up to the Digital Education newsletter and then enter the draw here: Prize Draw. (Please note: you have to use the email address with which you signed up to the newsletter, or I'll think you're not a subscriber.)

The new deadline for entering is midnight on Friday 27th July 2018. That's midnight British Summertime by the way.