Bett 2019 News Bulletin 2019-01-20

Read on for information about a free pdf guide to Bett and the Education show

Control Centre, by Terry Freedman

Control Centre, by Terry Freedman

The individual blog posts I’ve written, along with the results of the Ed Tech Predictions survey I carried out, are all now in one pdf document. I’ll be making that available soon, but first I’ll be letting the subscribers to Digital Education know about it. I think that’s only fair.

Paul Hutson, founder and director of Night Zookeeper, has sent me some exciting news. Night Zookeeper is a scenario-based set of activities designed to help youngsters develop their writing skills, and teachers to assess them. It's being used in schools across the world. I visited a school in London to see it in action, and what really struck me was the children were very engaged, talked animatedly and articulately about what they were doing, and produced very good writing too!

Hutson told me:

“You might have seen a few things about our partnership with Sky TV on social media... We've now launched a new website with them to help kids contribute their ideas to a Night Zookeeper series. It is a very exciting project which you can learn more about here:

The new-look website is very vibrant. Do take a look. And if you’re going to Bett this year, visit Night Zookeeper on stand F75.