Articles on Ed Tech: Retrospective #3

Looking back over the past week. Photo by  Allef Vinicius

Looking back over the past week. Photo by Allef Vinicius

Here are the articles I published on my own blogs last week, just in case you missed them.

Is writing advice any use?

Although this article is concerned with advice about writing specifically, I think the general conclusion can be applied more generally. Basically, it's a plea to not suffer paralysis from analysis.

Are MAs in Creative Writing any use?

Again, this article has wider applicability than just writing. In a nutshell, it speaks to the fact that the benefits of doing something, such as studying on a course, can have farther reaching, wider and unforeseen benefits than simply the obvious.

5 minute tip: how to generate random text in Latin

If you want to see how a particular layout will look, you can test it using the sort of text you see in books, namely Lorem etc. This article describes how to do that in Word.

5 ways that blogging can help your business

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (I wonder if anyone under the age of 30 understands that reference), the principles discussed in this article can be applied more widely than to business.

Hubris in the world of education technology

Lastly, this article was my answer to the seemingly growing phenomenon of people singing their own praises and self-promoting all over the place. I thought it would attract a load of flack, but it has proved to be fairly popular. Perhaps I'm not the only person who finds it all rather tedious and boring.