More testimonials about my Assessing Computing course

I don’t usually like to blow my own trumpet/toot my own horn, but I thought these comments were so nice that I’d share them. I’m one of those people who, if I see a delegate looking a bit fed up, I start to wonder if they are going to storm out and demand their money back or something. I mean, it could be that they are worried about their gas bill, or that that is just their normal expression, but I start to worry anyway. So nice comments are always a bonus. Me looking worried about someone looking worriedLook at this one, for example:

Handsome, debonair and erudite, the presenter dazzled us with his brilliance and –

Oh, wait a minute. That’s my own self-evaluation. Now where did I put those… Ah, here they are!

Good. More focus on the aspects of assessment criteria.

Excellent knowledge & examples to think about take in the school


Information/Questions where spot on, lots to think about.

Excellent course leader - engaging - interesting.


Very interesting - lots of ideas to look into back at school.

Superb subject knowledge.

Some very useful ideas.

Sharing useful approaches to assessment.

Humorous. Good experience and knowledge.

I will now copy/paste these lovely comments into the Testimonials section of my website, spend a few minutes looking and feeling smug, and then get back to work – the work in question being to complete the issue of the Digital Education newsletter that’s already nearly two weeks overdue. Oh well.

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