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The hidden messages behind the launch of the Year of Code There’s been some controversy over the launch of the Year of Code. This article looks at what was the underlying things wrong with the launch event, the Skills 2014 Summit.

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  1. Year of Code funding announced Who says the Government doesn’t give you anything? New pot of money announced – but you have to be able to match-fund.
  2. Book review: Two girls, one on each knee (7) Crosswords and coding go hand in hand, as this book review explains.
  3. To put it Bluntly Derek Blunt returns with a new column of cynical insights.
  4. Helping children in your care become good digital citizens Naace Impact Award winner Simon Finch discusses how we can respect children’s online privacy, and help to keep them safe.
  5. Let's create a better internet together Naace Lifetime Achievement Award winner Penny Patterson discusses “selfies” in relation to online safety.
  6. Some notes from the Westminster Forum Online Safety Conference Terry Freedman reports on this conference…
  7. Notes from the Inside Government conference on the future of computing in the curriculum … and on this one too!
  8. Safer Internet Day Commercial Information Useful resources for digital safety, plus some very interesting statistics.
  9. Safer Internet Day: Other resources More resources for use in your quest to keep youngsters safe online.
  10. The view from here: Ontology, Epistemology and Foucault Jim Fanning talks about the trials and joys of studying for a doctorate while still working full-time as a teacher.
  11. Apps for Good: the celebrations Terry Freedman reports on the launch of a bunch of brilliant apps, devised by some wonderful young people.
  12. E-skills UK events If you’re interested in coding and the new Computing curriculum (who isn’t?), you’ll want ton know about two events being run by e-Skills UK.
  13. Competitions! Two great competitions!
  14. News and events Including a £50 discount for readers of Digital Education!

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