December edition of Digital Education–almost there!

It is taking me ages to edit this bumper double edition, but I think it will be worth the wait! It should be out soon – possibly even later today. Here’s just some of what it contains:

  • 50% off our ebooks! A time-limited offer
  • Woo hoo!Subscribers celebrating the 50% discount offer!
  • Freebies
  • Free resource focus
  • Taking stock: 5 key questions
  • To bett or not to bett? That is the question! By Karen Pernyes
  • Big data: is small beautiful?
  • The things you can do with data! Part 2
  • Beam County Primary School pupils take ownership of TrilbyTV
  • Drowning in data? How one outstanding school tackles their data analysis, by Tracey Coton
  • Should philosophy influence educational policy? By Mel Thompson
  • Mobile devices, schools and assessment, by Peter Twining
  • To put it bluntly, by Derek Blunt
  • Computers are dead……..long live the ‘device’…but where is its home? By James Penny
  • 5 simple tips for better security, by Darren Bartlett
  • Students rule – when it comes to university IT, by Scott Auld
  • Scientific enquiry 21st century style, by Mike Sharples
  • Homework excuses upgraded
  • A review of our project-based learning approach by John Partridge

I’ll be publishing the article about big data on this website later today.

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