Getting the best out of Bett

The Bett show starts on 22nd January, and as usual we have produced an unofficial guide called Getting the best out of Bett. It’s hot off the press and is bigger and, I hope, better, than ever before. At the moment this wonderful publication is available only to our newsletter subscribers.


Bett Guide cover 2

What is in this year’s guide?

  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Copyright etc
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 16 Reasons to attend
  • 7 Good reasons to attend: the ones to put to senior management
  • 10 Types of people who should attend
  • 4 reasons to take pupils to Bett
  • 5 Reasons to take a technician or technically-minded person with you
  • 2 Reasons to take a non-technical person
  • 15 events to attend
  • My 5 personal recommendations for BETT 2014
  • 4 Things which are not ideal – and what you might do about them
  • 25 Things to do before Bett
  • 21 Things to do on the day
  • 4 Ways to connect on social media
  • 7 Things to do on a one day visit
  • Who has the budget?
  • 8 Sample questions to ask suppliers
  • 10 points to address when presenting your case for purchasing a product or service
  • 5 Things to consider regarding seminars
  • 8 Things to do after the show
  • 7 Ways to voice your own thoughts about Bett 2014
  • 2 Ways to have your students blog about Bett
  • 4 Other great sources of advice about Bett
  • Conclusion