Two more conferences

I hope you found my recent post Some useful-looking conferences erm, useful. Here are a couple more. One takes place online, and the other in a physical location. Both look very promising.

The K12 Online Conference

This has become an established part of the online conference scene. As usual, this year’s offering includes some interesting-looking sessions on a range of topics. These include blogging, field trips, open learning, writing, digital badges and professional development. There is, in fact, much more, so do have a look at the conference summary. The overarching themes of the conference are Open Learning and Outside Learning and Leading Learning and Building Learning. The conference takes place from 21st October to 1st November, but do check out the site and announcements because there is a pre-conference keynote on 14th October.

Digitally Confident

This is the title of his year’s Northern Grid conference organised by, Lianne McEvoy, Philip Belcher and Simon Finch. Taking place on 20th November (although I’m told that the dinner event the night before should be good!), the conference features some very well-known names in the UK. For example, Tim Rylands, David Mitchell and Julia Skinner  to name but three. Topics covered include inspiring ICT, coding and e-safety – but this all-too-brief description does it little justice. Head over to the conference website to find out more.