Cloud Services White Paper and Survey

Cloud Education ICT Design (CEID), which is run by the South-west Grid for Learning Trust, has published a very useful White Paper on Cloud Computing. At only four pages long it explains what cloud computing is, and what the benefits and risks are from an education establishment’s point of view. CEID intends to expand on the list of risks and benefits once it has analysed the survey results.

Clouds, by Karin Dalziel

The purposes of the survey are:

“1. Building a large and accurate picture of the status of cloud ICT for education

2. Informing and influencing the cloud ICT market – this will include what we learn from the survey – and raising awareness of cloud ICT for education”

There are only 30 questions in the survey, and they are the sort of questions that either you will have considered already, or which you would certainly benefit from considering.

You can download the White Paper, which is in PDF format, and take the survey, from the CEID website.

My thanks to Joe Nutt for bringing this excellent resource and survey to the attention of Mirandanet members.