2 conferences about educational ICT

Here are a couple of conferences coming up which look pretty good, and which are taking place in England in the near future.

Photo by ITUpictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/itupictures/

The role of digital technologies in education

This is the conference of the The Association for Information Technology in Teacher Education (ITTE), and takes place from the 8th to the 10th July. It describes itself as:

A  chance to network with professionals and debate the political, social and cultural issues that are impacting on  the ways in which children learn about computing today, in school and beyond.

Mirandanet is playing a major role in the conference. To quote:

Join in the debate. Contribute a paper on the major challenges you see in the five themes below.

· Initial Teacher Education - current developments;

· Primary ICT: new curriculum and applications of ICT in the classroom;

· Secondary: the computer science curriculum, cross curricular applications and ICT application to other subjects;

· Whole school management issues: moving to the Cloud, Flipped classrooms, BYOT/BYOD etc;

· Formal and informal CPD: digital technologies and professional learning - opportunities and challenges.

It looks really good. Find out more by going to the ITTE website.

E-Learning Foundation Spring Conference

This takes place on May 22nd, so you will need to get your skates on if you wish to book a place. The focus is very much on tablets and their effects on learning. There are talks by Headteachers, which is always handy for finding out what a school did and why, and how well it worked. Also featured on the programme are a couple of academics, which I think is good because while anecdotal evidence is fine up to a point, it’s important to have a more objective view too.

To find out more about the conference check it out online: ELF Spring Conference.