Everything you wanted to know about video voiceovers -- but were afraid to ask?

I’ve heard many times that when it comes to video, the quality of the sound is arguably more important than that of the picture. If that is indeed the case, then Leon Cych has done a sterling job of helping us do it better.

His recent Sound advice for 'broadcasters'blog post How to make better voiceovers for your Videos on TeachTweet is comprehensive to say the least. It discusses various kinds of microphone, with some good tips on how to use them effectively. It’s not too technical either. I mean, even I can understand the instruction “Get close!”.

The article includes advice on hardware and software, with a generous sprinkling of links to other resources. As Leon says in the article,

Although this is advice specifically for making voiceovers for TeachTweet videos, some of the sound techniques and equipment can be used to capture better quality film sound generally.

Well worth a read and worth bookmarking too!