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E-learning consultant Rob Ellis made a bit of a mistake a few days ago. He (somewhat flippantly I think), suggested that an article I wrote about using the right search engine might have been rewritten under the title ‘using the search engine right’. Bad move, because I replied, “Great idea! Would you like to do it?” That’s because I always think that if someone has a particular bee in their bonnet they are likely to write about it much more eloquently and passionately than I will.

I was not disappointed: Rob stepped up to the plate, wrote the article in frightening quick time, and you can read the piece on the ICT in Education website at 12 noon today. I set it to publish then because it means whether you’re having breakfast in New York, lunch in London, or Tea in Melbourne, you can enjoy Rob’s article at the same time.


On a completely unrelated matter, a short while ago I mentioned, in an article called BYOT: the policy that dare not speak its name?, a digital and mobile learning conference coming up in July. I’d already attended the same one in Essex, and thought I would recommend it. Well, it’s still on, but the date and venue have been changed. Here are the details:



September 21st South Tyneside Openzone CLC Temple Park Road, South Shields NE34 0QA (NB Change of postcode from original)

Time: 09.30-13.00 (Light lunch included)

Free for Senior staff and IT Teachers with an Industry Masterclass for IT Technicians.

Please email or phone Julia Small

( ) to reserve places. OpenZone on 0191 427 2120

Go on, put it in your diary right now!

Don’t forget: Rob Ellis’ article will appear here at 12 noon UK time today!