Apps for Good

Applications for the next year for this innovative initiative are open, but the deadline for applications is imminent . Find out more…

Spokesperson Adizah Tejani  told me:

Apps for Good is an award-winning course where young people learn to create imaginative mobile apps. Students create apps to solve real-life issues that matter to them and their community, giving them a launchpad in social enterprise and the exciting world of technology, design and innovation. The Apps for Good programme can be delivered either within the curriculum or as an after-school club.  While learning technical skills is valuable, this is this is much more than just “teaching kids to code”.    We are particularly delighted that 41% of young people on our courses are girls and they report this is improving their perception of a career in technology. Applications for school partners for 2012/3 are now being accepted, and the deadline is 30th April 2012. 

To find out more about the course and how to become a partner, visit .

This article first appeared in Computers in Classrooms.