Tweet-up in Oxford

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Shelly Terrell and Clive Elsmore (Clivesir on Twitter) recently in Oxford. But look at the text messages we exchanged in order to finalise the arrangements….

The message about meeting at 2:30 was sent before the one reading “We’ll be there!”, yet appears subsequently. We all know that time stands still in Oxford, but -- runs backwards?!

It had me flummoxed for a second or two but actually there is a perfectly rational explanation. You might like to ask your pupils if they can figure it out – or write a story based on the assumption that the display of messages is perfectly accurate.

sms time slip

Anyway, here’s a photo to prove we did meet after all – and it was the first time Clive and I have met in real life, having followed each other on Twitter for ages.


There are more pictures of Oxford, but at the time of writing they hadn’t finished uploading.