An interview with Julia Skinner

I had the privilege of meeting, for the first time, Julia Skinner at the recent BETT show. Julia tweets as @theheadsoffice, and is the instigator of the 100 Word Challenge, which has been instrumental in encouraging many pupils to engage in, and enjoy, writing.

Julia SkinnerExercises like the 100 Word Challenge, in which you have to write a story or another sort of piece using no more than 100 words which incorporate a list of words given or based on a prompt, are well-known as a creative writing strategy. What Julia has done is to adapt the idea for use in school. In this video, Julia talks about the 100 Word Challenge and how it’s being developed. Watch it, visit the 100 Word Challenge Website, and then get involved!

Julia has written guest articles on the ICT in Education website, which you can find by clicking on this link: Julia Skinner's Guest Posts. She also writes on her own blog, which you can find by clicking on this link: The Head's Office.