Blogging on February 29 2012

I’ve always felt a bit sorry for the people whose birthday falls on February 29th – it must be terrible, for example, on your 28th birthday to be given presents suitable for a four-year old. Seriously, though, it must be a bit depressing to have the chance to celebrate your birthday on the proper date only every four years. But this leap year, they can celebrate in style, with a blog post!

blog readingBlogging champion David Mitchell has set up a blog specially for February 29th. Wherever you are in the world today, take a couple of minutes to write a blog post using the incredibly simple form provided on the February29 blog. Should be a lot of fun. Have your colleagues, friends, non-friends and students submit a blog post too.

To find out more, watch the video at David Mitchell Talks About Quadblogging And February 29.

Happy birthday, and happy blogging!