Even MORE reasons to attend Collabor8 4 Change!

Collabor8 4 Change is one of the fringe events at the forthcoming BETT show, and comprises up to around 50 round table discussions, each lasting 20 minutes. You can attend up to 5 of these over the three hours of this stupendous event. In a daily series of posts this week I hope to highlight some of the table discussions that are planned.

Collaborating can be a bit more relaxed than a formal talk!Here are the third five on my list (you can see the first five by reading 5 Compelling reasons to attend Collabor8 4 Change), and the second five by reading Another 5 compelling reasons to attend Collabor8 4 Change:

  • Jan Webb:  Emerging Pedagogies - developing digital learning dialogue
  • John Sutton:  QuadBLogging - Bringing learning and audience together to engage learners of all ages. 40,000 pupils in 1000 classes from 27 countries
  • Leon Cych: Social Networking for Schools.
  • Mark Allen: Google Glue - using Google Apps for Education as the 'glue' in a Learning Ecosystem
  • Martyn Wild: Social learning environments improving education.

Aren’t you impressed with the line-up so far?

You won’t be able to attend unless you have a ticket, which you can obtain by clicking on the link at the start of this article and registering. Don’t worry, it’s free!

We have room for just a few more table discussions, so if you have been thinking of hosting one, now is the time to step up to the plate and be counted – and my apologies if that is a mixed metaphor! Please note: any applications received after 09:00 tomorrow (Thursday) will probably be placed on a reserve list.If you’re not sure of whether to or not, you can always contact me with your idea and I will let you know if it sounds right for the event. I can also send you some guidelines. It’s not difficult, and the focus is on discussion and sharing, ie being a guide on the side rather than the sage on the stage.

Please do tweet and blog about this incredibly brilliant event, using the tags #C84C and C84C respectively!

Check the ICT in Education website tomorrow for the next five – same time, ie 13:30, GMT!


(Adapted from the disclaimer in Computers in Classrooms, and approved by the highest court in the land.1)

Good morning, Judge. I wasn’t even there; it wasn’t my fault; he made me do it, etc. Seriously, though, all the information and links have been checked, and offered in good faith. But the actual programme may have to be changed without notice.


1. Actually, a tennis court on a hill in the north of England.