Saving Teachers TV

As you may know, the Teachers’ TV website will no longer be be available from tomorrow (29th April). Consultant Leon Cych has done a great job of organising a mass community download operation to ensure that these videos will not be lost.

Leon is encouraging people to download series and then enter the details on a Google spreadsheet. I just looked up around six series with a view to downloading one or two of them, but others have already done so. Do have a look yourself, because there may be a series or two that others have overlooked. My understanding is that at some point Leon will start a Dropbox site to act as a cache of the videos, licence terms permitting, and from which people can download videos. I believe Leon will be asking for a contribution to the cost of the Dropbox, which seems only reasonable.

Read more about Leon’s approach here: Teachers’ TV Video Archive - the next stage, or watch the short video below.

Thanks to Leon for organising this, and for all the people who have generously given their time to download the series of videos. They are listed on the TTV By Series spreadsheet mentioned earlier.