Forthcoming articles and other stuff worth reading

This is a bit of an experiment, but I thought it might be interesting to flag up what’s coming up on this site soon, and also what I’ve come across on other sites that look interesting.

Looking for Jobs in All the Wrong Places is an interesting article by Miguel Guhlin which asks whether you should pay for services that help you find a job. Miguel is based in Texas, but his points apply globally. This is nothing to do with ICT (educational technology) as such, but given that, in the UK at least, a lot of people have seen or will see their jobs disappear, this could be quite pertinent.

Danny Nicholson has set up a BETT Blog Carnival set up by Danny Nicholson. Head on over there now to read some great reflections on BETT 2011.

Shelly Terrell issues another challenge: Invite them in. Shelly says:

Brainstorm ways to invite a teacher, parent, or administrator to see the learning taking place in your classroom. …

In what ways can you be more transparent? How can you make your instruction transparent to others at least once a week?

Great stuff, and well worth reading in full.

Forthcoming articles on this website include:

  • The importance of research for ICT teachers – 10:00 today, UK time.
  • Response to the 25 Ways series: Julia Skinner discusses leadership vs management. That will appear at 13:00 today.
  • How to find all articles in a series quickly. This brief how-to post will appear at noon tomorrow (Wednesday).

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