Writers I like: Tony Baldasaro

I popped over to see what was going down on Will Richardson’s blog (where, by the way, there is a great article about online learning, which I’ve been investigating lately), and discovered, via the comments, the Transleadership blog of Tony Baldasaro. This is a real feast.

Tony doesn’t always write about educational technology, but from what I’ve seen so far he is always thought-provoking and passionate. See, in particular, his “About me” page, which I think is the best I’ve seen. That’s not least because he uses a standard fiction-writing technique adopted by all great writers, namely “show, don’t tell”. Specifically, don’t tell me you care, show me by telling me what your underlying philosophy is.

Another post to check out is The Coffee Shop Dilemma.

I’m enjoying exploring the Transleadership blog, and I hope you have a look at it too: I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.