Also on the web: 02/15/2011 (a.m.)

A couple of interesting items I came across whilst meandering around the web. Some good food for thought here.


Rather worrying this: someone has developed and is selling an iPhone app that allows you take up to 4 photos whilst looking as though you're speaking on the phone or checking your messages.

This makes for a good discussion topic concerning ethics and data protection.

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Interesting post from Derek Wenmouth, who asks:

This is good, and all very well, but...

A few weeks ago I met a young lad, still at school, smartly dressed in a business suit, making a reasonable job of selling himself. Except that for reasons best known to himself he deemed it acceptable to not only chew gum the entire time, but to do so in a way that allowed me to see the contents of his mouth throughout. I realise this is off-message, as it were, but surely one of the most basic skills we should be teaching young people, by example as much as anything, is how to present yourself?