Back to work: 3 must-read posts

If you’re thinking that you really ought to do some work before returning to the grindstone, but would rather loaf around instead, how about compromising by reading these great posts? They will get you raring to go, I’m sure!

New Year’s Revolution?

Before you start making all sorts of promises to yourself about how this year you’re going to change the world, read New Year Resolution by Doug Wood. Doug, appearing to be a bit depressed by the feeling that the current UK government doesn’t seem to value education (I disagree, by the way, but that’s another article), suggests that:

the best way to cope with such a situation is simply to carry on, doing what you and colleagues believe to be right and to just ignore the government as far as possible. Experience as shown in the past that governments change and no doubt will come once again to value education in this country. Let that be my first positive note of the year!

So, throw that box of antidepressants away, and commit yourself to a New Year Non-Revolution! Read the full article for Doug’s somewhat deeper argument.

57 varieties

Jeff Thomas has collated 57 brilliant resources – many of which are themselves lists of resources. Send the family out for the day because you’ll need plenty of time to get through this lot. Interest declaration: Jeff has kindly included one of my articles – and I didn’t even send him a Christmas card (sorry, Jeff)! Go check out 57 EdTech Resources You May Have Missed–Treasure Chest Jan. 2, 2011.

Time travellers’ corner

If you recall, I wrote about this next week. Anyway, for all you non-time travellers out there, Chris Leach has made some great suggestions in Time travel news – using Twitter in the history classroom. The kinds of thing Chris suggests could be applied to any subject. I did something similar myself years ago with an RE class (in pre-Twitter days). Anyway, Chris is inviting classes to join his in this great-sounding activity. But enough about that: I have to respond to some emails I received tomorrow. This is all becoming too confusing.