BETT Bulletin #2

This is a combination of "My personal BETT Day 2" and my BETT Bulletin.

Things to go to today, if you can:

  1. Opening Ministerial keynote at 11:00 in Olympia 2. It will be worth hearing, but if you do miss it, I'll be reporting on it in Computers in Classrooms.
  2. Talk by Jim Fanning on Learning Platforms. Jim is a renowned expert in the use of LPs for learning and teaching, and management, and has advised many others despite having a full-time job as a senior leader in a secondary school. Jim's talk is based on his thesis research as well as hyis experience. That's at 1:15 in, I believe, the Apex room, but I can't check at this moment because I can't access the BETT site for some reason!
  3. Collaborate for Change, an unconference taking place in the Apex Room from 6pm till 9pm. Unfortunately, that is now sold out, but check out the web page for links to Linked-in discussions and a Facebook page, as well as to see what the presentations are about and who is giving them, in case you wish to follow up on any.

Here are a couple of interesting blogs which talk about BETT2011, garnered around mid-afternoon yesterday. Let me know if I've missed yours.

I've done a quick trawl using 4 search engines, and most of the stuff about BETT at the moment seems to be commercial and self-promotional.

There's a fair bit of tweeting going on, and it seems to be pretty upbeat in tone.

Anyone seen anything that made you think "Wow!"? I've written about my first impressions already: BETT Bulletin #1: ICT in the curriculum, plus first looks

OK, the blogs:

BETT 2011 - If not now, when

A Contracted marketplace means one thing, competition and it’s that
force that can help educators to drive the education industry to
provide a better product.

 The BETT Show 2011 London - Mr Mitchell's Blog

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