Computers in Classrooms July Edition Out Now!

Because of pressures of work, together with wanting to make sure that contributors' articles were read by as many people as possible, I decided to defer the special games-based learning issue and bring out a short newsletter to give people something to read quickly as they're winding down for the summer.

Unfortunately, one of the links given is incorrect. It worked for me, but that's because, I realise now, I was logged in to the website. The mobile phones article is here. Thanks to Jonathan Thomson of BLI Education for emailing me about the broken link.

Here is what was covered in this issue:

Ed Tech Leadership Issues

Symposium Online Conference

Facebook Stories

Marxio Out, TimeLeft In (Maybe)

Teen contributions


Northern Grid wins award

Those links will take you to the individual articles, but if you wish to read the whole newsletter, you'll find it here. You can also subscribe, by going to the newsletter page -- it's free! -- where you will also find an archive of past issues.

Please feel free to pass on this information to your friends and colleagues. Thank you.