Computers in Classroom Update

Here's an update to the announcement I made a few days ago. I'm still working away at producing this edition of the newsletter, which has been a little delayed because I've expanded it somewhat since I last wrote about it.

For a start, the review of Tagxedo, the new word cloud generator, has grown into a comparative review of four such applications, including an in-depth exploration of one of them. In fact, far from being a novelty item, this could help you address some of the data-handling requirements of the curriculum, and help to get colleagues on to the educational technology train as well.

I have also been able to include an interview with Melendy Lovett, senior vice president of Texas Instruments and president of the company’s worldwide Education Technology business . We discuss the decline in the number of students going into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects at university, especially girls, and how it's affecting our economy.

There will also be at least the first instalment, and possibly the second as well, of a new series I'll be starting aimed at colleagues who wish to become a better ed tech leader.

All this plus news and comment, as well as the other articles I mentioned in my earlier announcement:

  • Why teenager Maddi from Australia loves ICT.
  • Why teenager Ethan from England loves his iPhone, and thinks he should be allowed to use it in school.
  • Headteacher Jeff Lewis on his love of educational technology, and how that's reflected in his school, and the work of the Leading Leaders Network.
  • Why educational editor Peter Robinson is a trifle cynical about Harnessing Technology and techno-evangelists.
  • And why ICT consultant Doug Woods thinks that technology could and should help students ask questions.

I am going to pull out all the stops and try to get it completed so you have plenty of weekend reading to keep you busy! That's assuming you're a subscriber, of course! Otherwise, why not sign up using the form below?

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