Computers in Classrooms Post-BETT Special

The promised post-BETT special has now been published, here. It contains contributions from a host of educational ICT writers and bloggers.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Safer Internet Day
  • The Next Generation Quiz
  • The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book
  • Web 2.0 For Rookies
  • The Learning and Technology World Forum
  • Louise McDonough on Her First BETT
  • The Home Access Programme
  • My BETT
  • Educational Technology Taskforce Launched
  • BETT: A True British Export
  • New Computer Basics Course Launched
  • WOW! Moments from BETT 2010
  • Technology Exemplar Network to be Doubled
  • The Minister's Opening Speech at BETT
  • Dawn Hallybone Talks About Teachers Presenting
  • BETT Stats
  • Doug Woods on What Was NOT There
  • The BETT Awards 2010
  • Too Much Emphasis on Technology?
  • National Education Network Reporting...
  • Seminar: Breaking the Bonds of Learning, featuring Stephen Heppell, Angela McFarlane, Max Wainwright and Tim Rylands
  • Steve Beard Discovers A New Game
  • Seminar: Power Up: How ICT is Transforming BSF Schools, featuring Steve Moss
  • A Projector with no Bulb
  • The Unconference
  • Virtual Learning Environments
  • Mirandamod Discussions
  • Gerald Haigh on the Assistive Technology Party
  • Paul Haigh's Views
  • Merlin John Liked...
  • The Politics Game
  • NComputing: Virtual Desktops

It makes for a good selection of views about the BETT Show and what was hot and what not! Apologies to Paul Haigh and Sean Carragher for inadvertently omitting their Twitter details, and to everyone for addressing them, in the subject line, as FNAME SNAME. Had I remembered to include the brackets, they would have seen their names instead! Thanks to Mark Chambers, Chair of Naace, for pointing out my error!