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How would you like to listen to some world-famous speakers and then discuss their talk with them? That’s what Vital is offering. Drew Buddie  and I are organising a series of one hour online talks starting on 2nd November. Aimed at ICT Co-ordinators (but all are welcome to join in), the talks will feature a range of internationally-recognised people who are leaders in their field, discussing a range of issues which will be of direct relevance to your work.

Speakers who have agreed to take part include:

Shelly Terrell, who has published excellent work, such as the 30 Goals Challenge. Shelly will be discussing ways to engage teachers in using ICT in their subjects.

Dougald Hine can best be described as an agent of collaboration and networking. Look at his website for a good starting point about the projects he has started and been involved with. Dougald will be talking about creating a thriving collaborative environment.

Chris Smith, who publishes the website. Chris will be talking about Personal Learning Networks and then will focus more closely on some of the different tools available that enable participation in online conference and virtual participation in real life conferences.

Ashley Allain ( is a home school mum and teacher, and will share her strategies and challenges for incorporating ICT in the curriculum.

These are just some of the great people who we’ll be chatting to. Join us on Tuesday 2nd November 2010 at 7pm UK time to find out more (check your local time here:
Here’s the URL:

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If you can’t wait that long to get into some great discussions, then check out the Secondary ICT Co-ordinators’ forum (free registration required):