Web 2.0 Project: Dorothy Burt's Work

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of some interesting work that Dorothy Burt is doing with Web 2.0. It is taken from the forthcoming second edition of the free Web 2.0 projects Book which was published last year -- over 11,000 copies downloaded! The book itself will contain even more information, so look out for that early in 2010!

Name: Dorothy Burt

Application type: Korero Pt England - KPE, Podcast

Age range: 9-11 years

Description of project

Students from Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand podcast short reviews of New Zealand children's books. They aim to let their global audience know a little about life in NZ. KPE is available on iTunes and on their blog, http://kpetv.blogspot.com

Benefits of using Web 2.0

Motivation,Participation,Variety of means of expression,Any time,Anywhere,Forms of literacy,Creativity

URL: http://www.ptengland.school.nz/index.php?family=1,871,11746 

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