Creating a culture of innovation, part 1: Conferences and exhibitions

This is part 1 of a 10-part series.

Photo from CCO

Photo from CCO

Attending a conference or an exhibition can be a useful way of learning a lot quite quickly. At the time of writing this article, the Bett Show is coming up, as is the Education Innovation conference. Each of these will provide opportunities to think about innovation, and ideas about how to do so. I've written more about the Education Conference in the article Bett 2018 and other conferences.  I will be posting quite a bit of information relating to Bett soon, firstly for the benefit of subscribers to Digital Education before making it more widely available, and will also be publishing my Bett Guide, Getting the Best out of Bett. 

Full disclosure: I have been given a free ticket to attend the Education Innovation conference, but that has not affected my coverage of the event. I have also been offered two half-price tickets, which I'll be emailing subscribers to Digital Education about. If you wish to follow the conference on social media, the Twitter information you need is as follows: @epg_london and #eic2018.

I've also written a very comprehensive guide to getting the most out of education shows and conferences in general. It's being updated and expanded at the moment, but the basic details are still the same. You can find out about the book here: Education Conferences.

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