Digital Education: the first edition of the year is now available!

We’re in the first couple of weeks of the new school year here in England, and the first edition of Digital Education, our free newsletter, is now available! Pardon the exclamation mark, but the fact that it has now been published is a minor miracle. Right at the very last minute, I tried to delete a letter, and Microsoft Word went insane. It reform mated the whole document into just three pages, and hid most of it. I managed to retrieve it though — by selecting it all and then copying and pasting it into a new document. So, given that I almost threw the newsletter, my computer and the cat out of the window in frustration, I think an exclamation mark is more than justified!

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Anyway, it contains some great advice from consultant Andy Bush on getting started with the new Computing curriculum, words of wisdom from me (he says modestly), 36 brilliant links for computer programming, and a stupendous competition.

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