BETT 2012 Round-up

I thought it might be interesting to collate some of the blog posts that have been written about BETT 2012, before it recedes into a distant memory. First, though, here’s a Wordle of the trends that people who responded to my BETT survey spotted. I haven’t edited the text, so there are some superfluous words, like “see”. Nevertheless, you can see the preponderance of “the cloud”, as you might expect. There are some surprising inclusions and omissions, I think, but I’ll leave them for you to discover for yourself!

Seems there are lots of people with their head in the clouds...

I have started processing the survey results, but won’t finalise them before the weekend. If you’d like to contribute your views on what the trends were at BETT, or share your thoughts about what were really good products or services there, please complete the incredibly short survey about BETT 2012 that I’ve set up. This will be available until 10pm GMT on Friday.

OK, here are the blog posts:

Simon Haughton: BETT 2012

Tom Hesmondhalgh: 5 Things I learnt from BETT 2012

Sophie Bessemer: BETT 2012 - highlights and what to watch

Doug Woods: BETT 2012 First Impressions

And, of course, my own articles, which you can find by scrolling through the BETT 2012 tag on this website. Another article you may find interesting is Education Technology And ICT At BETT: Big Changes For 2013.

And remember to look at that survey please!