New collaborative learning project

ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education, is collaborating with NASA to select 25 middle and high school teachers who are creative, inspired, and share an enthusiasm for space. These teachers will work collaboratively to create learning and educational artifacts that teachers or students can use to gain a deeper understanding of the Earth's magnetosphere. Each group of teachers will choose projects to create and design. Final projects may be selected for publication on the NASA website and/or featured at the ISTE 2012 annual conference and exposition. But you’ll have to act fast because the deadline is today, 15th January 2012.

Unfortunately, the details arrived whilst I was away at the BETT show, which still wasn’t much notice if you think about it. So, I haven’t had a chance to ask anyone at ISTE if you have to be a member of ISTE to apply. Still, it’s only a short application form so you might as well have a go anyway if you’d like to be considered for taking part in the project.

Read full details of the Learning Laboratory: Magnetic Space.

Apply using the Learning Laboratory Application Form.

Remember: the deadline is today, 15th January 2012.