Tools for ICT Managers

Tomorrow morning (09:30 UK time) I will be giving a talk entitled 20+ tools in 40+ minutes. So what’s that all about?

Give us the tools...I have used the word “tools”  to encompass useful applications, websites, blogs and societies. They are all ones I have found to be useful, or think would be useful to others. I am familiar with all of them. If you are a seasoned ICT manager, you will probably be familiar with most of them too. For example, one of the handy applications I’ll be mentioning is Google Docs. From that point of view, I believe my presentation will be useful to new ICT managers. Mind you, I hope to pull one or two surprises out of the bag, namely one or two search engines you might like to try.

I’ve kept the title a bit vague because when I accepted the invitation to give a presentation, I wasn’t sure how many tools I’d be covering. In fact, there are 28, but two or three alternatives to some of them. As for the timing, I assumed that by the time Shelly Terrell, my moderator, has completed the introductory bits, and allowing time at the end for questions and winding up, I’ll probably have only around 45 minutes rather than an hour.

A big bonus for those who attend is that I will be giving the URL containing a link to a pdf containing all the links I’ll be mentioning. How generous is that?!

Here’s the link to my talk. Check out the world clock to see what time that will be in your neck of the woods.

Mine isn’t the only presentation of course. The schedule of talks, which started today, may be found here.

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