25 Ways to make yourself unpopular: #21 Use old technology

Everybody involved in ICT loves gleaming new technology. But in  my opinion the guiding principle in decisions about purchasing or deployment should always be what is appropriate and cost-effective. For example, if a subject leader needs a laptop on which to prepare lesson notes, they really don’t need the most up-to-date laptop available. If a subject area would like a computer available on which students can do occasional research, a similar view applies.

I apply, and always have applied, this philosophy to myself. For example, I would love to buy myself the latest iPad, but none of the benefits convince me that it’s worth upgrading.

On this principle, why should be deemed necessary for schools to have a 3 or 5 year educational technology investment and replacement policy regardless of their individual circumstances? Shouldn’t resources be held in a general pot and bid for as needed?

Suggesting to colleagues that older technology is just fine may not be the best way of winning the popularity stakes. But that doesn’t make the statement less true.

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