3 Posts every ICT Co-ordinator should read

Here are a few important blog posts I think all ICT Co-ordinators should read, because, quite simply, they make you think.

  • The Purpose of Technology in Education is Not to Enhance, Extend or Support Teaching
  • Doug Woods argues that technology is now fundamental to the teaching and learning process, not merely something that “enhances” it. I love this:

    … a good teacher who does not use technology is not a good teacher.

    readingSpot on!

  • Seven reasons teachers should blog
  • Steve Wheeler comes up with several good reasons that teachers should have their own blog. Such as:

    Blogging can crystallise your thinking.

    I’d also suggest that blogging is a way of taking part in the conversation, as it were, which I think is fundamentally important, as I argued in 7 MORE mistakes made by ICT Co-ordinators. You can infer this from Steve’s post, but I don’t think he actually says it.

    It’s always nice to read an enthusiastic post by a teacher inspired by some great technology. In this article, Melissa Scott writes about how her very young pupils have been using Book Creator and other apps on iPads, and the great buzz they’ve enjoyed from doing so. A shame that the font and colour scheme make it hard to read, but worth persevering!