Web 2.0 Project: Silvia Tolisano's work

Here is a thumbnail sketch of some interesting work that Silvia Tolisano is doing with Web 2.0. It is taken from the forthcoming second edition of the free Web 2.0 projects Book which was published last year -- over 11,000 copies downloaded! The book itself will contain even more information, so look out for that early in 2010!

Name: Silvia Tolisano

Application type: Around The World with 80 Schools, Video Conferencing

Age range: All age groups

Description of project

Schools connect with other schools around the world through a short 5 minute video conference call.Students introduce themselves, share something special about their location or culture and ask a data collecting question.Over 200 schools are participating

Benefits of using Web 2.0

Motivation,Participation,Collaboration,Global Connections & Collaboration

URL: http://aroundtheworldwith80schools.wikispaces.com/ 

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