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What Do You Think Will Be The Main Things We'll Be Seeing In Ed-Tech In 2018?

The Future of Education Will be Tech-Driven as Costs Come Down

Over the past 25+ years, education technology has undergone a revolution. You only have to look at Bett itself, which grew from a small show held at the Barbican, to a much larger audience at Olympia in the 1990s, to the extravaganza it is today.

All the amazing advances on display, however, come at a price, which can be an issue for schools, at a time when overall budgets are under pressure.

Increasingly, innovators will find ways to deliver more capabilities for the same price, or similar capabilities for less money. New products can’t just add more and more cost, they have to deliver value. With existing products, free upgrades will be expected when new features are released.

Teachers will increasingly expect that technologies come with lesson plans and other educational resources that provide practical help to use the tech in the classroom.

Competitive pressures mean that all of these things, and more, will be in evidence at Bett 2018, and we expect to see more in the future.

With increasing capabilities and lower relative costs, education will be increasingly tech-driven, and companies that deliver value will win in the end.

By John Carter, CMO Robots in Schools, Co-Inventor of Edbot and Edbot Dream.

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