What Do You Think Will Be The Main Things We'll Be Seeing In Ed Tech In 2018?

For many years the Government has tried to bring parents into their child’s learning. In some schools this works well, others struggle. Parental communication systems have been in schools for many years but they are often cumbersome and formal with access only from a computer. Life today for busy parents and teachers is about mobility and therefore we see a growing trend of schools and parents moving to quick, easy access mobile apps.

What Do You Think Will Be The Main Ed Tech Challenges In 2018?

We are all ‘short on time’ so the only way for schools to increase parental engagement is to move to fit in with their lives and time scales. Funnily enough the challenge is all about time. Schools are so busy they don’t have time to research and consider the technology opportunities available to them, and yet by investing a small amount of time they can save their teachers significant hours of writing long letters and messages. We call on all schools to consider how they can increase their parental engagement and save everyone’s precious time.

James Dickson, CEO Piota

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