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Interview with Sir Bob Geldof

I was offered the opportunity to interview Sir Bob Geldof at Bett 2017. The recording isn't wonderful, even after my tweaking it in Audacity. But it's worth persevering with I think because of the interesting and inspiring things that Sir Bob has to say.

Sir Bob Geldof at Bett 2017. Photo by Terry Freedman

Sir Bob Geldof at Bett 2017. Photo by Terry Freedman

Here are the questions I asked him:

1.    How did your association with Groupcall begin?

2.    What is your vision for education, and how does Groupcall play a part in that?

3.    I sometimes attend conferences where a keynote speaker says that schools are no longer needed, because kids can educate themselves. What is your view of such statements?

4.    I'm a great believer in practical ideas, so I'd like to ask you: as a result of attending Bett or any other education event, what would you suggest teachers do when they get back to school?

Before listening to the recording, just a couple of things.

First, a language warning. Well, it is Sir Bob, so what would you expect? Mind you, he was quite restrained, only swearing twice I think. Each time it was quite apposite I thought.

Secondly, at one point I said I'd like to ask him about technology (even though we ran out of time so I couldn't), and he replied along the lines of "May I just preface what I say with this?". The 'this' in question was an old Nokia phone that was clearly not a smartphone!