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Reading, by Terry Freedman

Reading, by Terry Freedman

The Digital Education newsletter was started in the year 2000. There are too many back issues for me to upload all at once, so I'm starting this archive from May 2018. Newsletters are uploaded here in pdf form, usually at least a week after the newsletter went out to subscribers. This is to allow time for any special offers or prize draws, which are open to subscribers only, to be over.  Useful information will be older too, of course.

Not all of the newsletters are here, because in some of them I have reminded subscribers of the subscriber-only pages and their passwords.

Please note that some newsletters begin with "Dear", followed by a blank. That's because it's a generic version of the newsletter that went out. Subscribers receive properly personalised ones!

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25 May 2018 issue

Blast from the past (4 minute read) * Conferences (2 minute read) * Teacher workload (3 minute read) * Readers’ writes (2 minute read) * Useful tech (4 minute read) * Focus: Privacy (1 minute read) * Prizewinners (2 minute read) * Prize draw (1 minute read) * New area for subscribers (1 minute read) * Beta readers (1 minute read) * 7 Articles you may have missed (2 minute read) * What I’ve been reading: Closing the Vocabulary Gap, by Alex Quigley (6 minute read).

Click this link to download it: Digital Education 25 May 2018

25 June 2018 issue

Events * Readers' Writes * News and views, including Computing qualifications in the UK * Details of free spreadsheet of Computing and related qualifications * Prize draw: Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development, from Sage Publications * Prize draw winner * Film competition * A useful conversation * Focus on... Fake news * Useful tech * Who do you think you are? * Blast from the past * Useful articles * What I've been reading: Reflective Practice; The Secret Teacher * Books in Brief: Machine Learning and Human Intelligence; Bad Algorithms; New dark age; Flat earth news.

Click this link to download it: Digital Education 25 June 2018

01 July 2018 issue

Fake news * Books in brief

Click this link to download it: Digital Education 1 July 2018

13 July issue

Subscriber survey * Advance readers *

Click this link to download it: Digital Education 13 July 2018

08 August 2018 issue

Special AI edition * Report on FutureFest

Click this link to download it: Digital Education 8 August 2018

 November 2018 issue

Focus on disconnexionism * reviews of “The Teacher's Guide To Tech 2018” and “Living in a Digital World”.

Click this link to download it: Digital Education November 25 November 2018.

March 2019 issue

Digital Equality, the EU Directive, Plagiarism, plus reviews.

Click this link to download it: Digital Education March 2019.

April-May 2019 Issue

What’s wrong with the government’s proposals on online harms? A textual analysis of the education technology strategy published by the Department for Education. AI. Book reviews.

Digital Education April-May 2019

September 2019 Issue

Blogging challenge. Blogging course. Focus on fake news. Review of Newsguard.

Digital Education September 2019